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How Our Product Works

Video/Audio Input

Effortlessly import audio, video, or text data through simple drag-and-drop or copy-paste actions. Streamlined user experience.


Our service transcribes your video and audio into text, with speaker differentiation for accurate analysis.

AI Analysis

Our AI engine powers the backend, employing a robust algorithm to analyze your data comprehensively, extracting high-quality insights.


Access a concise, comprehensive report featuring critical insights within mere seconds for informed decision-making

Uncover Hidden Insights with Ease

Level up your analysis effortlessly, uncovering actionable insights with a few clicks. Our powerful algorithm extracts rich, meaningful user insights, saving time and enhancing feedback quality. Elevate your analytical prowess today.

Get Instant Answers with Insightio AI Chat

Insightio's chat feature transforms user assistance with real-time, personalized guidance for customer interviews. Users can explore conversation nuances, uncovering overlooked elements, and focusing on key aspects for comprehensive analysis. This boosts efficiency, deepens insights, optimizes decision-making, and drives business success.

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Flexible Pricing Plans to Fit Your Startup's Needs

Tailored pricing options to fuel your startup's success with Insightio

Free Plan

This package suits users with lower volumes of user calls

What’s included:

2 Projects
6 Interview uploads (Total)
3 Chats per project
Unlimited insights
24/7 Support
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19 / Month
This package is tailored for users managing high call volumes.

What’s included:

5 Projects
20 Interview uploads (Total)
10 Chats per project
Unlimited insights
24 / 7 Priority Support
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Bulk data processing and custom reports

What’s included:

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Interviews
Custom reports
Unlimited insights
Dedicated Support
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